Enjoy the Fun

If you’re looking for some fellowship and entertainment in the middle of the week, Family Fellowship night is typically held in the evening from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. The dates are determined by host family participation. To share in the fun, just bring what you were planning to make for supper and share it in the potluck. Immediately following dinner, there will be games galore! If the weather permits, yard games like cornhole and badminton are set-up. There are also card games including Uno and Pinochle; Board games include Sequence, Clue, Sorry, chess, Battleship, and more! We wrap it all up by cleaning up at 7:30, with everyone home by 8pm. All ages enjoy!

Helping Out

The event is hosted by a different person or family. The host is in charge of setting up the coffee and lemonade,  eating utensils,  hot pads, serving spoons, etc. The host is also responsible for making sure everything is cleaned up,  the tables are wiped down , garbage is removed, dishes are washed, the heat is turned down,  the lights are turned off, and the doors are locked.